Green Office With Canada’s Online Fax Services

online faxing

Environmentally friendly offices have become an important part of the internal and external policies of many businesses across the globe. Many of these businesses and customers prefer working with organisations that make some effort towards minimizing their environmental impact and practice green and ethical policies.

Today, big, medium, small, micro, mini organisations recognise that going green not only implies the question of ethics, but can also mean a reduction of their costs by saving on unnecessary office items and expenses. With the technological advancements and availability of fast internets, the SME can’t allow to sit on the fence and not to benefit from the technologies that cost nothing.

The Axiatel’s Online Fax service in Canada which is based in VoIP technologies which is also refered to as internet faxing and online faxing introduces the opportunity of receiving and sending faxes from people’s email inboxes. This eliminates the need to have printed faxes by default. Today’s techbological advancements allow you to receive an unlimited number of faxes and send faxes to over 61 countries using a choice of local provided numbers. As you can see, the green benefits are considerable, no papers to print, no electricity used, no fax machines necessary, no recycling, no phone/fax lines and no frustrations of wasting time and standing by a fax machine!

kill your fax machineThere are few service providers out there and one of them is Axiatel company which specializes in services that allow business professionals to conduct their business remotely using SIP, VOIP, and PBX systems. With virtual services, you can stay mobile and optimise your time. All you need is your laptop and the internet and one could be also closer to environment. Just take your faxes with you wherever you go, and let them catch you and not the other way round! (remember standing by the fax?).

This organisation does what it preaches and not only do they use their own products for minimizing the use of the traditional communication channels, but it is committed to the reducing an impact on our environment through donating one £, $ or € for each product used to its Planéte Urgence charity. Through its project of 1 monetary unit equals to 1 tree planted, and they have already planted around 15,000 trees! It aims to continue its commitment through introducing green technologies to our workplaces and offices.

Other green services that they provide are Virtual Switchboard, Conference Call and Video Conferencing applications will help businesses stay green. The virtual office services are available on company’s own website at


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