Mobile commerce brings opportunities to small businesses

Business opportunities in mobile commerce.

mmobile commerce for axiatelLong past the days when we as consumers were sceptically looking at buying products and service online. But today, internet purchases have become a normal part of our lives, “sending” the revenue from e-commerce to the “high skies”. And now, almost 20 years later, it is about to be taken over by m-commerce.

According to SMB Group, the sales through mobile commerce is going quadruple by 2014 being 5 % higher than e-commerce sales. This is an opportunity for many small and medium sized businesses to grab the world of m-commerce and m-clients, while only 50% of small businesses are still in the thinking mode whether they should get mobile websites in the next 12 months. At the moment it is big businesses that have created the mobile versions of their websites and optimized their existing sites for being viewed on a mobile web browser. But it would be long before many small businesses will create their m-websites, before actually creating a traditional website first. And this is observed trend with majority surveyed businesses who will go for it.

And why should you, a small business owner be lagging behind?

mobile commerce for axiatelThere are some numbers to crunch on. According to recent research of comScore among 234 mln mobile device owners, more than 65 mln Americans own a smartphone. 48% of the smartphone owners use their device to do their online shopping. On top of it please add the 3 mln people who own an iPad or Android based tablet. Do these numbers urge you to move towards M-commerce?

Not yet, and how about this? : Today, Google is already making this mode of commerce easier for people to both search and do the transaction online. To illustrate, the Google is already making $ 1 bln in mobile ad revenues.

One of the advices for the businesses when creating a mobile friendly website, not only be able to process payments but to make it easier for customers to get info about products and services. According to McCabe, other information could include: making appointments (beauty salons), checking on orders (ex, delivery status), contacting customer service.

Giving incentives will make it more popular to shop at you m-site, for example the small businesses can start focusing on their existing customers and giving special mobile-only deals and discounts to encourage clients over their mobile devices.

As many of the businesses have not yet plunged themselves into the mobile commerce means that you as a business have opportunity to be there before everybody else gets there! And don’t forget that it is utimately about creating positive user experiences and keeping happy customers and revenues in wallets!


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