Online event that to capture the whole world!

wedding flower for Kate?The Royal Wedding in UK on 29th of April (less than 2 days left!) will be the first biggest online intercative event that will capture attention of the whole world from the screens of our computers!

At least for those who can’t be there to experience this beautiful event! The social media is really catching up with all of us without the exception. There technological ways as updates to Facebook, Twitter, Flicr, iPhone apps, YouTube will make it possible for all us to get involved with this event and see in a live streem of the event on YouTube! How amazing this gets?

Not only businesses get involved with online services that we prevously mentioned on this blog, but also weddings! What a push to social media craze?! On top of it a video Wedding Book that YouTube launched will allow anyone to send congratulations to this happy couple. Wow, a year of all things online that will change the ways we interact!

Get ready to participate! See it here:


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