The Conference call: Solution for Businesses Everywhere

conference call for axiatel

Virtual conference calling is a great office service that provides cheap communication for all businesses and individuals.

Do you need to make a quick decision or converse with your boss/ colleagues before making a deal??? Do they travel a lot meaning that you are not often on the same state or even continent???

If so, here is a solution that is going to help make your job easier and help you cut costs.

Conference calls can allow up to 30 people to connect into the same phone call, anywhere and everywhere in the world. All they have to do, to join the meeting is dial the designated number for your conference call.

The conference calls are protected by a security code which allows the account holder to restrict entry to any unwanted callers. As well as this, calls may be recorded so that they can be accessed at any time after the call.

One website that offers these services is Axiatel.

Arranging a meeting is simple!

All you have to do is log into your personal profile, set a date with the desired participants and Axiatel will send an email or text messages to inform them of the meeting. This service works whether the person is in Canada, England or even Australia. With over 50 countries within the network, you can be sure that you will always be connected.

No more waiting for emails and no more unnecessary costs!

Sign up today with Axiatels conference call and save your company big bucks!

(April special : save 90% on the annual conference call package – only 4 days remaining!)


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