Short .uk domains to be released in UK

The opportunity presents itself for Canadian businesses expanding their presence in UK.

reserved numbers on releaseA Nominet, one of the largest registries for .uk domains, who already manage 9 mln domain names in UK along, is to release previosuly reserved one character long domain names, such as,,,, and the letters as well, as,, etc.

After 1993, it was impossible to have less than 3 character domain names, but on 23 May 2011,  2,640 domain name combinations will be released in a bidding auction. The application costs as little as 10 pounds for a domain name untill 15 June. The auction will start on 16th June, making a fience competition among the interested parties. Earnings will go the charitable Nominet Trust. The unclaimed and unwanted domains will be allocated on a first come first served basis. For more information please visit Nominet website.

This news is going to stir some waters, as the short domains are desirable and are vued as value-additing assets. Among the proud owners are such domains as:

B&Q for, American Airlines for, Yahoo! for….

Well, what to say, hurry to make your bid!


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