5 Money-Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs look for a cost-effective way of running their businesses. Here are five simple tips which will help you run your business and save your money.

1. Conference calls

Studies have shown that many office meetings are ineffective as often participants are unaware of the location and/or time they are supposed to meet. Here is where teleconferencing comes in. Conference calling services such as the one offered by Axiatel allows you to organize conference calls anywhere and everywhere in the world. An SMS or email is sent to participants indicating the time and place where the meeting will take place. As these conference meetings are done via the internet, a phone number is sent out which allows members to call-in when the meeting is scheduled. With Axiatel’s April month promotion with 90% off the annual package of conference calls, this is a great way for your business to save costs.

2. Saving energy

Green for axiatelSwitch blocks can reduce the power consumption of equipment used within the workplace. You can save a third of the energy usually used, especially at night and on the weekend. Another environmentally friendly option is to replace fluorescent tubes with LED lighting. You can save not only on your energy consumption but also on your general costs while these solutions also help preserve the planet.

3. Fax by email

Go over to Internet faxing and stop wasting your money on buying expensive fax machines, ink and paper.  As there is no need for hardware or software, you’ll no longer need to pay for paper, ink or energy/running costs. Axiatel offers a fax to email service starting at only $9/month that lets you send and receive faxes from your online interface and your email inbox. With a 30-day free trial you can make sure that this product is what your business needs.

4. Free Business Cards

Do you need business cards? Try Vistaprint which offers online, personalized and free business cards. You can design 250 business cards on their website for free (pay only shipping). This is an easy and cheap option for all businesses.

5. Call via Internet

Conference call for axiatelInternet calling, or VoIP is very handy. Skype is a well known provider of this type of service. It is cheaper than having a regular phone line as you only need one phone number and as the call passes via the internet it is basically free. Avoid high costs and try to VoIP. All you need is a computer with microphone and sound.


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