Future of books and Google again

No, Google will not create a worldwide digital library.

google books for axiatel articleOn March 22d, in Manhattan the court didn’t agree to a deal between Google, the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers. This agreement would have meant a worldwide digital library of more than 15 mln books, that could be accesses for a fee.

Readers, scholars, everyone would have been able to access millions of otherwise hard-to-find books or out-of-print books. But although, it looked like a dream for many, it brought the problems with copyrights, orphan books and privacy issues. The future of this universal library is put on hold, but the question is will people want to read their morning coffee newspapers and favorite books in a digital format?

google books for axiatel blogIn past Google worked with Harvard, Michigan, Stanford and Oxford universities and began to digitize their holdings. But this brought them to court action over the questions of copyright that ended in $125 mln settlement to pay authors and publishers who whose copyright was neglected.


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