Conference Call: keep your project team updated!

Conference call brings together many parties in one call.

conf call axiatelMany companies today use the conferencing services with one main reason to save on travelling to meetings and keep their colleaugue in THAT important communication loop. With the international working, when the colleagues can be found in all parts of the world, the video and just a phone call conferencing solutions became the most efficient and cost-effective way of meeting with various stakeholders, being only second to real face-to-face meetings.

So, how conference call be used on projects?

special charge free conference accessUpdates, updates, updates! Yes, updating all participants of the project is an important in any size and value projects. In many cases, projects fail because project manager fail to communicate important details to their teams, internal and external stakeholders. This  could be done easily by having regular virtual meetings over the conference call. Let’s say on Tuesdays, at 10.00 am, project workers can call one conference number and start conversing over the phone or simply listening to the updates. Many providers of this service give special dial-in access numbers for international destinations, letting conference callers use only local call rates. Obviously this saves the international call charges a lot and breaks the barriers of being suitated in remote destinations. One only presumes that this adds to the free information flow and better team communications.

Not only it is good for international destinations and money saving, but also for the flexible working and colleagues working from home, or being on the go.

conference call axiatelThe technological and VoIP advances, make conference call professional service accessible not only to corporations, but also to small starting up enterprises and low-budget projects. Today there is no need to have software, or hardware to do that. One only needs a telephone call from to join the conference platform, that can host of up to 30 callers any any give time and more.

One of such service providers under author’s review is company called, a telecom operator that offers their own system of conferecning. Among the features that can be attractive are the Pin-secured access to the conference, recording of the conversations and its storage during the whole time of subscription, the sms and email reminders of the virtual meetings, a local number, and unlimited conference time with no per-minute charge. Axiatel offers to enjoy this service for CA$ 89 for the whole year on Premium package (up to 30 participants) when quoting ILL90CO during the service subscription.conference calling axiatel


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