RIM soon to enter tablet market


The Ontario based technology giant RIM, is launching its first tablet, the PlayBook, due for official release April 19. But one question remains. Will the crowd of early adopters who  intend to or have already purchased the iPad 2 be willing to take their eyes off their new baby and consider adopting a new one?

There seemed to be a good amount of Buzz around the PlayBook when it was first announced last September and the techno-savvy were fairly pleased with the features RIM stipulated the tablet would have. Although this is true, a number of critics have also showed their concerns towards the lengthy wait associated with the launch.

A flashy press conference by Apple’s and its unveiling of the iPad 2 only days later, was more than enough to cast an even darker shadow on RIM’s press release last week which went barely noticed, announcing the price and launch date of its PlayBook.

Rim’s hopes will without a doubt rest on the shoulders of undecided, potential new tablet buyers who are either dissatisfied or simply unimpressed by what Apple’s or other tablets have to offer and are looking for a better substitute.

It has therefore become fairly clear that, in order for RIM to really give a wow factor and give the technology world something to talk about, it has to truly set itself apart from its competitors by not only meeting expectations, but also by exceeding them.

According to RIM, the PlayBook can handle Flash-enabled websites (which both the iPad and iPad2 cannot do and were heavily criticised for) and can smoothly play 1080p high-definition video. The smaller screen also gives better graphics and video quality than its arch rival, RIM claims. It is also smaller in size and can even fit inside a jacket pocket (how handy).

Nevertheless, the length of time it has taken RIM to develop and finally launch the tablet has put the brand in question in the eyes of the techies, who may feel that if the BlackBerry maker is having problems now, there is no guarantee they won’t have any problems later. Further concerns are also being raised concerning the device’s battery life which remains undisclosed.

Let’s hope that RIM still has one or two tricks up its sleeve in order to compete in a market which seems to only get tougher by the day.


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