What is Virtual Switchboard and how to eat it?

What is a Switchboard?

switchboard year 1900A switchboard was a device that used to connect a group of telephones manually to one another or to an outside connection within private branch exchanges. There was an operator’ess that manually connected phone wires to the right switches. As public manual exchanges dissappeared, the private branch exchange were mainly used in offices and hotels. And with development of sophisticated products, today it is all integrated into the computers. The Virtual Switchboard is what is hot now.

What is Virtual Switchboard?

Axiatel virtual switchboard imageA Virtual Switchboard is an automated system used to connect an incoming caller with an agent or staff member. The users normally have the option of controlling how incoming calls are routed via a web interface. For example calls could be directed to different destinations according to certain criteria such as the time of day etc.

The common feature if virtual pbx is interactive voice responder (IVR), which enables incoming callers to a Virtual Switchboard to hear prerecorded announcements. The prerecorded messages instruct callers to press a number on their key pad to select which department they want to reach (for example, “press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts and 3 for support”).

What the virtual switchboard can do?

Axiatel virtual switchboard follows you everywhereThis hosted service is offered by many providers accommodating different business needs. This service not only routes calls to the the right person’s mobile, fixed line or to international destinations, but it can also forward calls to few other numbers, if the first person is busy or not picking up. Another useful advantage of this virtual switchboard is delivery of voicemails to emails at no charge.

How small businesses can use this service?

The virtual switchboard gives many opportunities to small business owners in running their everyday businesses, so what are the purposes? :

– local presence with local number without physically being there

– giving professional image to the callers through uploading your own messages

– call forwarding, call diverting to other countries, giving info to callers, voicemails

– no need to give away your mobile and home phone number

– increasing one’s availability to callers…

What Axiatel offers?

virtual switchboard set up AxiatelAxiatel is a business telecommunication services provider for a range of products offers their virtual switchboard in 9 countries. Their switchboard accommodates the need to up to 10 number extension diversions, with further vertical architecture diverting calls to 5 non-busy phone numbers. The free inclusion of 60 country destinations for routing, offers competetive advantage to its users. As the web interface concerns, one could set up their switching system in no time. The 30 day trial offered at no charge by Axiatel, gives good opportunity to test it.



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