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LinkedIn, the online social network for professionals and job seekers, now has 100 million members worldwide and more than half are from outside the United States. However, the substantial amount of its members do not visit the website on a monthly basis.

In order to incerase the interaction of its members, LinkedIn has launched a customized online newspaper, called LinkedIn Today that will be created  from articles shared by the network’s 100 million members.

It displays excerpts of the most popular articles in various industries, with a single aim of encouraging interaction on its website.  According to LinkedIn, more than one million messages are shared by members of the network every day.

With the new service, LinkedIn users can create their own news pages for up to 22 industries of interest, including the Internet and Healthcare. Articles will appear in LinkedIn Today based upon how often they have been shared by members of LinkedIn.

The articles from the LinkedinUser’s Twitters will also appear there. And this feature will be available in iPhone.

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