Facebook for all mobiles!

Who says that only smartphones can have mobile apps?

One of the popular social network Facebook has finally confirmed the acquisition (for $60-$70 million) of mobile platform app developer – Snaptu. Snaptu develops applications for the feature phones – the phones which aren’t smart but possess mobile Internet connectivity and allow installation of Java ME or BREW based apps. Facebook, along with Snaptu, had launched the new Facebook App for popular features phones that consisted of about 2,500 different models.

Facebook service already has been visible with tighter integration inside the Android OS for INQ handsets and also HTC ChaCha as well as Salsa handsets.

The characteristic of feature phone owners is that majority of people don’t wish to or can’t spend a lot on a smartphone. It is obvious that Facebook wants to integrate deeper into feature phones. It won’t be surprising to see Facebook centric features phones being launched by year end. Let’s hope this deal brings us better mobile web experience of the service.

Source: http://www.techtree.com/India/News/Facebook_to_Take_Over_Mobile_App_Developer_Snaptu/551-114862-643.html


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