10 Steps To Make Your Office Greener

go green

Whether you run an office, a store or a business from home, there are several simple steps you can take to make your office a greener place. Not only will these steps have a positive impact on the environment, they will also without a doubt do your business some good as conserving resources and cutting down on waste saves money, and what lucrative business doesn’t like to save money?

You will find below ten easy steps and methods to implement in order to truly make your office a green haven. Many may think that making an office a greener place is time-consuming and expensive but most of the following steps can be implemented right away and at minimal costs to you and your business.

Go green by:

1. Turning off equipment Whenever a piece of equipment isn’t in use, it should be switched off or at least put in sleep mode. This can reduce the energy used by 25 percent; turning off the computers at the end of the day can save an additional 50 percent.

2. Encouraging telecommunication, this includes sending emails, phone calls, conference calls or even video conference meetings. This would reduce your business travels and in turn decrease your carbon footprint.

3. Reducing fax-related waste by using one of the many online fax services available, you can receive all your faxes in your mail box and ensure that only the faxes you need printed will be. Not only will this reduce paper waste, but your ink usage will be greatly reduced too.

4. Producing double-sided documents whenever possible. Many people forget or are simply unaware that they are able to print out documents covering both sides of a sheet. This simple method can effectively further reduce paper consumption.

5. Not leaving taps dripping. At first glance this may not appear to be a critical issue, yet statistics show that one drop wasted per second wastes 10,000 litres per year. For this reason you should always close taps tightly after use.

6. Not using paper cups. By bringing a mug to work and using it, instead of chugging your caffeine fix from disposable cups, you can help reduce the tons of paper and plastic cups tossed of offices each year and look cool at the same time.

7. Monitor lighting usage
It’s very important to cut down on unnecessary use of lighting in order to save electricity. Using compact fluorescent lamps can be a better option as they are longer lasting and consume 20 percent less energy.

8. Recycle paper and plastic. If there is no recycling program already in place, ask the building management company to provide recycling bins. It is very easy.

9. Instigating an ongoing search for “greener” products and services in the local community. The further your supplies or service providers have to travel, the more energy will be used to get them to you.

10. Before deciding whether you need to purchase new office furniture, see if your existing office furniture can be refurbished. Your office doesn’t have to look old and shabby but you will find that simply refurbishing that old desk could make it look even better than a new one, and it would be better for your pocket as well as the environment.

It only takes small steps to make your Business Greener

It only takes a few small actions to have a large impact on the environment. Consistently reducing the amount of energy, water, and paper our businesses use can make a huge difference, both to the environment and to our pocketbooks. How many bags of used paper cups would your office accumulate if you and your colleagues all brought your own mugs to work? Small easy steps to go green – but impressively great results!


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